Miracle Swimming Chicago

Miracle Swimming Chicago Midwest location


Heidi, Ohio

This class was truly miraculous.  It was life-changing.  I thought it would work, but I totally didn't realize I would truly enjoy being in the water. And to be free of fear in deep water is liberating in a way that words cannot describe.

Rachel, Chicago

It works and I'm sad the sessions are over.  I never though I would get to the point I am at today.

Shawn, New York

I feel great! A great way to learn!

Yessica, Chicago

I love this class! It was comforting and my instructor was patient and thoughtful.

Iris, Chicago

My instructor was great! Sensitive to student's concerns, progress, and learning


It helped me talk about my fears and slowing down, so I am not pushed.  I feel happy I took this class. I recommend this approach over others to adult swimmers